Show up less and make more leveraging the power of Simple and Profitable facebook and instagram ads

The Simple Ads Society


For Coaches, Course Creators & DFY Service Providers

You're ready to impact more lives through your work, and you're excited about elevating your business and bank account to new heights 

You've been thinking about learning to leverage Facebook and Instagram ads for a while but they seem confusing, complicated, (a little scary), and expensive AF (especially if you were going to hire an expert)

Your sales are tied to how often you show up on stories, LIVE, or on reels and you're ready for Facebook and Instagram to do more of the heavy lifting for you

Now you're eager to show up less and reclaim precious time for ultimate freedom away from your computer and phone

Do I have this right?

You've dedicated countless hours to marketing your business but...

- maranda yang

"I've been going through your course since I came back from vacation and I just wanted to say you have really put so much value into this course. I am loving it! You have broken down everything into easily absorbable pieces. I feel like I have such a better understanding of ads and if there is something I'm unsure of, it's there in the course when I need it. Also, the FB group is 🔥 and I love how you're always adding more valuable content! This course is pure gold Carolyn! You truly care about your clients and it shows! Thank you for this - you're amazing! 

This course is pure gold Carolyn! 

Client Love!

The exhausting cycle of launching organically to increase your income throughout the year

Having to show up every single day on social media in order to land new clients

Relying on the algorithm for a chance to reach more of your ideal clients 

The sluggish organic growth of your accounts through Facebook and Instagram's algorithms

The confusion of trying to launch your own ad campaigns alone 

Checking your IG app every 30 mins. hoping one of your followers saw your stories and is ready to work with you 


make more and run simple + Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads

You can show up less...

How can we do that?


You ditched the highs and lows of stress and income that come with having to launch organically 

You were making $15k, $20k, $30k months without working more or working harder

Your ads and your marketing allowed you to connect with dream clients using a simple and repeatable process

You could take a full week (or more) off of social media, travel, rest, spend intentional moments with your family, and still be making sales thanks to ads that are working for you 24/7

What would your life look like if...

You could leave your desk at 2 pm on Thursday and not come back to your office until Monday at 11am (and still make sales because your ads are doing the work for you)

- Christina Hernandez 

"I’ve purchased about 5 ad courses, and they’ve all talked about how to use an ads manager but your course not only teaches about ads manager - you help us learn how to actually run our business, land clients, market our business, and how to be successful as an Ads manager. And how to make my business successful."

"You teach us how to make our business successful"

Client Love

Start Working

The Simple Ads Society

Smarter With...

A Group Coaching Program that teaches Coaches And Service Pro's Exactly How To Run Simple & Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads


Learn the ins and outs of ads so you can eventually hire a team member to run them for you

Have someone to ask your ads questions to with lifetime access to a Facebook group community of support 

Scale your ads with simplicity - knowing exactly what ads you need to be running to see success

Spend more time with your family and away from Instagram, while still bringing in consistent cash flow for your family and business

Learn and fully understand the premium skill of running simple, profitable Facebook & Instagram ads from a 10 year expert

This Program is for you if you want to:

Weekly Q&A sessions with our coaches are the best place to get personalized feedback on your ads and help with your specific Facebook and Instagram ads challenges. And best of all learning alongside entrepreneurs with the same goal (of working less and making more) is empowering!

virtual support

Join a group of like-minded coaches, course creators, and service pros who are all here with the goal of working smarter, not harder, utilizing the power of ads. My team of copywriting and tech coaches are here to help make ads simple for you and answer all of your questions along the way.

Community for q's

You'll get access to all current and new modules Facebook Ads Modules, designed to be easy to watch, understand and implement with practical, actionable steps on how to run simple and profitable ads. No overwhelm, no stress!

join the course

So what's Included?

Course + Coaching + community

- JULIE oeder

“I LOVED THAT GROUP COACHING CALL! Seriously part of me joining the course was for my own accountability and a smaller group to kick me in the butt to keep going, remain confident and stay consistent. I also appreciate the fresh ideas and up to date content in your course. It's so helpful and refreshing!”

appreciate the fresh ideas and up to date content in your course. It's so helpful and refreshing!”

Client Love!

  • Lifetime access to the 6-Module (and growing) Course showing you exactly how to set up simple and profitable ads 
  • Bonus Module: "The Dynamic Duo: Uniting Organic and Paid Marketing for Explosive Growth"
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Community of entrepreneurs and coaches 
  • Weekly Q&A Calls for Personalized Help and Answers with Our Expert Ads Coaches
  • My exclusive 4-page document on How-To Troubleshoot Your Ads
  • Connection with likeminded coaches, course creators and done for you service pros
  • Downloads, templates, screen-shares, scripts and more

I'm not holding back, I've poured 10 years of ad experience into this program to help my fellow business owners understand simple ads

Are you ready for financial and phone freedom?

We're hitting the ground running in module one, covering the very basics from setting up your Ads Manager to walking through the tough techy parts. We're going to learn the correct structure and hierarchy of Facebook and Instagram ads. Then dive into Facebook's policies, the psychology of how a user views your Facebook and Instagram ads and we'll even touch on your organic marketing and funnels, to ensure optimum success for ads.

01 - Cracking the Code: Mastering Facebook & Instagram Ads Setup

In this transformative module of the course, we delve deep into your irresistible offers, establish and call out the deepest desires of your ideal client. Then I'm walking you through how to implement my simple ad strategies that will easily increase your exposure and explode your sales. 

This module is all about creating that scroll-stopping, jaw-dropping, I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW, Facebook and Instagram ad. I'm chatting all about effective ad designs, and what's working right now. I'm also sharing my best design hacks and software that will make it easy for you to design simple and profitable ads.

In this module, the secrets of crafting ad copy that converts are about to be unveiled. We're going to immerse ourselves in a world of strategic storytelling as we explore the art of writing ads that leave your ideal client thinking, "I have to work with her." We're chatting about the most effective types of ad copy tailored to your unique objectives and business, equipping you with the power to captivate, persuade, and drive conversions. But that's not all - we'll also equip you with a treasure trove of copywriting tools, empowering you to master the craft of copywriting.

From the campaign level to the finest details of each ad, we've got you covered in this module. I'm lifting the curtain on the secrets of ad setup, empowering you to conquer each step with absolute confidence. Get excited for simplicity to meet profitability. This is where your ads come to life. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to total ad mastery as we guide you through the precise steps of building and launching simple yet lucrative campaigns. The stage is set, the spotlight is yours—let's hit that launch button and witness the triumph of your ad success!

If you've heard that troubleshooting your Facebook and Instagram ads is the hardest part of running ads, this is exactly why I included all the information in this module. I'm supporting you through reading all of the metrics with my 4-page troubleshooting document where you get every metric broken down so you know EXACTLY what's going on with your ad campaigns and if you need to change them or scale them!

You're going to have access to all of our group coaching calls so if we don't cover something specific in the course, you can likely find it in these jam-packed calls. 

Are you convinced yet? Let's get your ads launched!

The Modules


I really love your course! I have been jumping around a lot but that's just my personality. I feel you take the time to explain well and I really like it when you are in the ads manager and show me examples that I can walk through while you are explaining. I really enjoyed the information about the iOS changes and when you talked about the client journey with the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel process.

I really love your course!

Client Love!

Oh hey there! Nice to meet you. I’m your soon-to-be Facebook & Instagram Ads Coach, AKA the coach you NEED in your life.

I help Coaches, Course Creators and Service Pro's grow and scale their businesses with Simple and Profitable Facebook and Instagram ads so they can show up less & make more.

If you're wondering, "why is she the right person to help me..."

I've got a few reasons for you:

1. I have over 10 years of FB ads experience (in the ads world, that might as well be 29417247 years)

2. I've built a successful, thriving business for myself following the exact principles and strategies I'm teaching you 

3. My ads clients get incredible results (peep the reviews)

One of the biggest needs I've seen in our industry? A simple and easy to understand program that help my fellow female business owners run ads for themselves without having to hire a $2,000 ads expert. You need ads support and personalized answers if you're ever going to scale your business & hit those $20k+ months!

That's why I created Simple Ads. To help you run simple and profitable ads so you can experience financial and phone freedom!

Hey, I'm Carolyn

I’m Carolyn:
Facebook Ads Expert + Coach

  • 6-Months access to the course
  • 6-Months Access to our private Facebook Community
  • 6-Months of Weekly Zoom group support calls for all of your ads questions
  • Ads downloads, copy scripts, design templates, budget calculators, & more


2-Installments of $980

2 installments

pay in full


  • 6-Months access to the course
  • 6-Months Access to our private Facebook Community
  • 6-Months of Weekly Zoom group support calls for all of your ads questions
  • Ads downloads, copy scripts, design templates, budget calculators, & more

IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO the course, private facebook community + group coaching calls

Sale Price

Sale price only available until 11:59 pm on September 11th, 2023!

Ready to Run Simple and Profitable Ads?

  • 6-Months access to the course
  • 6-Months Access to our private Facebook Community
  • 6-Months of Weekly Zoom group support calls for all of your ads questions
  • Ads downloads, copy scripts, design templates, budget calculators, & more


6-Installments of $347

6 installments

Got Q's?

I've got answers!

Simple Ads was created specifically for Coaches, Course Creators, and Service Providers to learn how to leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram ads in the simplest and easiest way possible. I wanted to create something specifically for this group of entrepreneurs that helps them leverage the marketing and hours they've already poured into their business so they can show up less and make more. This course teaches Coaches, Course Creators, and Service Providers the basics and beyond of ads so you can truly understand how ads work, and eventually hire someone to run your ads, or hire a trusted expert (all while already knowing) how to get results. 

Simple Ads was created specifically for Coaches, Course Creators, and Service Providers who are looking to leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram ads so they can show up less on social and still make consistent sales. I created this course for entrepreneurs who are looking to say goodbye to being attached to their phones 24/7 to make sales and say hello to working smarter.

You're getting lifetime access to the course with a 6-month access to the group coaching program and weekly Q&A coaching calls. The Q&A calls and group support will last for 6 months. If you wish to continue in the program there will be a monthly membership fee. You will still have complete access to all of the training so you can refer back to them whenever you need to. 

Simple Ads is designed for the beginner Coach, Course Creator, or Service Provider. In the modules, I've included the very basics of running ads, so if you've never run ads before you'll have a baseline to begin. And because you're getting Facebook group support and monthly Q&A calls, you'll have so many ways to ask your questions, with options to unlock 1:1 coaching with me! 

Because the group is so helpful, and ads are constantly evolving, there is an option to stay in our private Facebook group after 6 months to ask questions and collaborate. 

Most clients see initial results within 30-60 days, but your results are up to you and how you implement the ads that we put in. I can tell you the clients who have implemented my ad strategies from day one will see results that sustain them financially and help them reach their goals of financial freedom.

- nicole babcock

Your program and support are truly worth every single penny and probably MORE than what you are charging! Your Facebook group is so helpful! 

Thank you SOOOOO much!

Client Love!

Click the link below and get immediate access to the Simple Ads Society and the support that you've been craving! I can't wait to work with you!

Are you ready to completely transform your business with simple Facebook and Instagram ads?

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