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Just when you think you know what you're doing, Facebook changes. Now you need a new strategy, new skills, and new tools. It's exhausting.

You're constantly Googling and YouTubing how to troubleshoot, how to create ad copy that converts, what you need to be measuring... and barely keeping your head above water with your client work.

Or maybe you've got the basics down, but now you need help learning more advanced strategies, finding ideal clients in your niche, or managing your clients' expectations like a boss. 

You can do this! You just need some help...

You've started your Facebook Ads Business... but you could use some help.

sound familiar?

You're not afraid of hard work, but you're working on your client's ads, creating reports, troubleshooting, designing ads, and onboarding new clients all day and into the night... when are you supposed to have a life?

To top it all off, you're left with practically no time in the day to focus on your own marketing strategy, so you can't actually grow and scale to the point where you're doing that whole "work less and make more" thing everyone raves about.

Leaving your 9-5 felt like an absolute dream - so why does every day feel like a nightmare? You quit so you COULD work less, make more and experience the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Instead you're drowning in work 24/7.

you're doing the best you can, but it never feels like enough

let's change this...

You ditched the cycle of stress & insecurity that keeps you wondering if you should go back to the safety of your 9-5 and embraced the freedom and joy of running your own business

You had the support you actually needed for business, marketing,  and running Facebook ads

You had a repeatable process for success that let you build a profitable business you're proud of

You were the go-to Facebook and Instagram ads expert for your niche with a consistent stream of clients begging to get on your waitlist

what would your life look like if...

The frustration you have every time you go to open your ads manager account and don't see any new sales.
The struggle of finding clients who are in your niche and want to pay your prices.
And of course, that dreaded feeling of seeing your ads rejected AGAIN and not knowing why. 

How can we do that? With the coaching and educational support of an Ads Manager with over 8 YEARS of experience and the business success you want to replicate. (Hey, it's me – Carolyn! I'm that Ads Expert & Coach who is ready to help you.)

let's free you from:

I've got great news...

- carly fernald 

Carolyn is knowledgeable, friendly and is willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Her tactical guidance when it comes to social media advertising is extremely valuable to our marketing efforts and is something that will help continue to make our business grow for years to come!

Her guidance will help continue to make our business grow for years to come!

the 5-star reviews

Say goodbye to stress and run your business with confidence, knowing what you're doing will continue to work for years to come

Ditch that roller coaster experience of your Facebook ads doing well one day and tanking the next 

Scale your ads business with simplicity - knowing exactly what you need to be doing each day to see success

Spend more time with your family, living a life you love, and bringing in cash without working constantly

Grow your ads business and serve clients you love who will gladly pay you what you're worth 


The "Grow Your Facebook Ads Business" Course teaches you how to run successful Facebook Ads.

But we don't stop there.

With the "Market Your Facebook Ads Biz" bundle, you'll also learn how to operate a sustainable business without spending every second working!


the course

The Power of
Coaching and Community

12-months of coaching + the course

You'll get access to all 8 video modules, designed to be easy to watch and implement with practical, actionable steps. No overwhelm, no stress!

Join the Program

Join a group of like-minded ads managers who are here to answer your questions, discuss all things ads, and collaborate. A private FB community that makes your job easier!

Get Group Coaching

Monthly Q&A sessions are the best place to get personalized feedback and help with your specific business challenges. Learning with the community is empowering!

And Virtual Support

What you get:
- 12 (or 24-months) months of Business and Ads Support
- The Full 8-Module "Grow Your Facebook Ads Business" Course
- The Market your Facebook Ads Biz Course
- Bonus Module: Finding, Landing & Handling Ads Clients
- Access to Our Private Facebook Community
- Monthly Q&A Calls for Personalized Help and Answers
- How-To Troubleshoot Your Client's Ads
- Connection with Fellow Ads Managers for Support and Encouragement
- Downloads, templates, scripts and more

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...
Bonus #1: My Best Copywriting and Design Hacks 
Create ads that convert with these proven methods & tips
Bonus #2: Full Social Media Audit
Stand out to potential clients on social
Bonus #3: Social Media Content Planner 
Save major time and keep things organized

Ready to rock your Facebook Ads business?


These 7 modules dive deep into the backend of your ads set up. We're going all the way back to pixels, ad structure, iOS14.5+, creating an audience and more. Then we're moving to advanced topics like: budgeting, testing, troubleshooting, and scaling

You will come out of these 5-modules an ads E X P E R T. With total confidence in your killer Facebook ads skills. 

Ads Training & Support
Basic to Advanced


You'll leave this program with the foundation you need for a sustainable, successful Facebook Ads business. You'll learn how to master discovery calls, contracts, proposals, onboarding timelines, and standing out as an authority on social media.

We're learning exactly how to simplify your client management process and identify potential red flags.

Business Foundations & Client Support




the topics

- Katherine Hamelund

Carolyn really helped me, she was always available for questions, her course is fantastic, I always have it in my back pocket whenever I need it. Her coaching is impeccable and her same day feedback is unmatched. Thanks to working with Carolyn this just turned into my highest month ever!”

Thanks to working with Carolyn this just turned into my highest month ever!”

the reviews

Oh hey there! Nice to meet you. I’m your soon-to-be Facebook & Instagram Ads Coach, AKA the coach you NEED in your life.

I help online service providers scale their businesses with FB ads skills, all while working less & making more.

If you're wondering, why is she the right person to help me... I've got a few reasons for you:
1. I have 8+ years of FB ads experience (in the ads world, that might as well be 29417247 years)
2. I've built a successful, thriving business for myself following the exact principles and strategies I'm teaching you 
3. My ads clients get incredible results (peep the reviews)

After so many years in this field, I realized that ads managers need more support than the basic "how to run an ad." You want a business that fits your lifestyle and meets your income goals. 

That's why I'm teaching you the strategies that helped me grow my business from freelance to consecutive 5-figure months by offering a premium service & running campaigns that get clients results

I’m Carolyn: Facebook Ads Expert Turned Coach



frequently asked

Grow Your Facebook Ads Business Course + Coaching Program teaches you all the ads knowledge and strategies... but we don't stop there. We're covering it all. We do a deep dive into ads, but we're also going to be perfecting your business strategy, growth, client management and expectations, while learning how to position yourself as an expert in your niche... and more. This hybrid course teaches you everything you need to know about successful ads and running a successful, stress-free business.

This program was designed specifically for Facebook ads managers and strategists who are in need of additional support and coaching in their business. We're here for Service Pros who are looking to say goodbye to the hustle and being maxed out on client work and say hello to a scalable ads business and consistent $10k+ months.

This program is a 12-month high-touch, high-access program that is designed to work for those who show up and implement. After the 6-months,  you will still have complete access to all of the trainings so you can refer back to them whenever you need to. 

This program is designed for the beginner to the more advanced ads manager. In the modules, I've included the very basics of runnings ads, so if you've never run ads before you'll have a baseline to begin. And because you're getting Facebook group support and monthly Q&A calls, you'll have so many ways to ask your questions.

Because the group is so helpful, there is an option to stay in the Facebook group to ask questions and collaborate after the program ends, for just $19/month. 

Most clients see initial results within 30-60 days, but your results are up to you and how you implement the work that we put in. I can tell you that the members of this program who put in the work and commit to implementing the program from day one will see results that sustain them financially and help them reach their goals of financial freedom.

- Emily Andrews

Working with Carolyn has been a game-changer for me and my business! The Facebook Ads course, 1-on-1 coaching, and unlimited messaging access were invaluable. Working with Carolyn has provided me the confidence and knowledge to take my business to the next level. For Facebook Ads, this program has been the best one I've taken!

For Facebook Ads, this program has been the best one I've taken!

the reviews


- 12-Months of Access
- 10 video modules 
- Private FB group support
- Business downloads, scripts for landing clients, ads templates, & more




12-monthly installments


- 24-Months of Access
- 10 video modules 
- Private FB group support for all of your ads questions
- Business downloads, scripts for landing clients, ads templates, budget calculators, & more
- Nailing the Discovery Call Bonus Videos (Value: $450)

Immediate access into both Grow Your Facebook Ads Business Course and Market Your Ads Biz Course



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Immediate access into both Grow Your Facebook Ads Business Course and Market Your Ads Biz Course