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using custom, cutting edge Facebook and Instagram ads!

You’ve hired an agency for this before, and it ended up being a huge waste of hard earned $$$ and time for very little return (if any)

You do not have the time to figure out all of the ins and outs of running Facebook ads to grow your Medspa business 

Once you have clients in the door it’s easy to make them raving fans - it’s just getting them to realize you’re here & ready to help them feel like their best selves 

You have amazing clients who refer you, of course, you just wish you were booked out instead of riding the rollercoaster of booked one week & searching for clients the next 

does this sound


A consistent stream of leads coming into your beauty biz who are ready to book their first consultation with you, over and over again.

What you want is…

Were able to market your business easily and efficiently, knowing new leads were coming in daily while you stay in your zone of genius? 

Could generate new leads with the push of a little green “publish” button? 

Had a go-to ads strategist who understands your brand, your vision and could create ads that just work

What if you...

- Amanda Grippo, Cosmetic Injector LMG Cosmetics

"Carolyn continues to do an excellent job for us! I have been getting more submissions in inquiries than ever and I'm always completely booked out at least a month in advance! The ads are amazing! I couldn’t be happier. She's available for emails and quick changes based upon new treatments and procedures I am adding has been great! I appreciate all of Carolyn‘s hard work and dedication to our account. Carolyn has transformed my practice into something even bigger and better this year and I cannot thank her enough! I love working with her! Here’s to 1 million more years of working together!" 

Carolyn did an excellent job! I have been getting more submissions in inquiries than ever!

The reviews

You tell me your vision and goals and I’ll get right to work setting up ads that target your ideal clients and, of course, bring in revenue! 

As a 9-year ads manager, I work very hands-on with my clients because I know running ads can make you feel completely overwhelmed. 

I work to simplify running Facebook and Instagram ads, so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business and making your clients look and feel incredible! 


After 9 years of running ads and 2+ years of running ads for Medspas specifically, I worked to create a proven strategy that consistently brings new leads into your business. 

Done-For-You Facebook & Instagram Ads Management 

We’ll have monthly calls and I’ll send over weekly reports (like I said, hands-on) so you never feel like you’re in the dark with your results. 

I write the copy and design the creatives and when the ad is done and ready, I’ll send it back over for approval. Once approved, voila! The ad is launched and I’m monitoring the metrics every day to ensure success. 

You tell me your goals and we’ll work together to set up a budget that fits your biz. Then I take it from there, setting up all techy stuff so you don’t have to. 

Facebook ads work when you have the right strategist on your side, here’s how…

- Maddie putrino, Owner LivieBelle Bowtique 

"I’ve hosted two successful vendor events thanks to Carolyn. I watched the number of RSVPs increase exponentially after she ran Facebook ads for the event. I trust Carolyn with all things ads and marketing, I wouldn’t host another event without her ads expertise!"

I watched the number of RSVPs increase exponentially after she ran Facebook ads for the event

Client love!

  • Backend setup - pixels, domains, events, you name it, we improve/take care of it
  • Audience creation - we’re going to target your warm audiences and new audiences!
  • Copy-writing - my team and I will work on writing copy that sounds just like you
  • Designing creatives - ads that match your branding perfectly and stop the scroll
  • Daily metric monitoring and optimizing - if your metrics don’t add up, we’re making edits to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck
  • Weekly reports - so you aren’t in the dark about your results or wondering how your ads are doing
  • Monthly calls - so we can check-in with your team and see if there are any new and exciting offers to promote!

What does ads management include? 

- veronica hoddenbaugh, Christian Business Coach

"Carolyn is an amazing Ads strategist, but what makes her stand out is her clear communication, her obvious care for her clients and their businesses, and her attention to every detail in the campaigns. I was so shocked when I would get notifications about things being tweaked. She was obviously on top of it all and it gave me such confidence that I had placed this task - that was entirely daunting for me - into the hands of the right person! I refer her to EVERYONE now! Thank you for your amazing work, Carolyn! "

what makes her stand out is her clear communication, care for her clients, and her attention to every detail in the campaigns.

Client love!

You must be willing to spend the minimum monthly ad spend recommended for your package [$50/day or $1,500/mth]. This ad spend is paid directly to Facebook from your Ads account, and is an additional cost to the package price.

Your website must be currently promoting the product and/or service that you are wanting to advertise through paid ads.

You must have previously made sales or generated leads successfully via your website and know your conversion rates.

You must have a mobile-optimized website that is driving consistent traffic.

You must have an online presence, including an active Facebook page and Instagram account.

You must have genuine testimonials or reviews from real clients that you have worked with and/or customers that have experienced a transformation. (Client photos help too!) 

Done-for-you Facebook ads management services is specifically for MedSpas, Spa’s, Beauty brands, etc. who have a service that already exists and has been sold successfully before – organically through your marketing. 

In order to ensure we are both setting our working relationship up for success, please read through our Facebook & Instagram Ads client criteria below before filling out the contact form:

Who we work with & client criteria:

Meet your Ads Expert

You’re ready to get your business in front of more of your ideal clients and you’re ready to create a process to nurture these leads so they become RAVING FANS! 

You’re ready to have the right marketing expert on your team. Someone who understands your goals, your brand and will treat your business like it was her very own 

You’ve tried to run ads yourself (and boosted posts) but just did not see the results you were hoping for

You are marketing your services on Facebook and Instagram, but your growth is slow going and you’re ready to be booked-out with new clients 

done for you ads is perfect for you if...


Get answers!

YES! Unfortunately boosting posts does not get you the results or leads you’re looking for. Sure it gets more eyes on your business it doesn’t allow you to have the freedom to set specific objectives, target your ideal audience and create ads that get results. 

For testing purposes a budget of $1,000+/month to start will allow us to test your audiences, copy, creatives and objectives. As we determine the best audiences, copy, and creatives, that spend can be decreased! 

Facebook ads management services begin at $2,000.

Typically it takes 10-14 days to get your ads launched, but this is highly dependent on us working closely together during that time to onboard and gather assets. 

Nope! Your ads will reach thousands of people and as a result will grow your following!

Once the ads are launched it will typically be a day or so as the leads begin to roll it. This is also dependent on ad spend! 

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