A 1:1 6-month, high-impact Facebook ads coaching program - the next round kicks off in october 2022

Campaigns with Confidence


YOU are a goal setter who is ready to earn more than you ever thought possible running profitable Facebook ads for clients

YOU are ready to put repeatable strategies in place for landing clients and marketing your business 

YOU are ready to get off of the emotional rollercoaster of running ads for clients

YOU are ready to invest in ONE program that has everything an Ads Manager needs to succeed

YOU are ready to feel completely supported in every aspect of your ads business

YOU are ready to confidently run profitable Facebook ads

This program was designed specifically for the Facebook Ads Manager who is ready to feel completely supported in their Facebook Ads Business…

...with breathing room to market your business & finally reach your income goals

land dream four-figure clients effortlessly...

...without wasting time looking for answers in a free Facebook group

get unstuck with direct answers to your questions... 

...from running successful ads to marketing your offers like a pro

know exactly how to operate your business..

What if you could...

What if you had a coach by your side who helped you grow your business, find the right clients, and answered your specific ads, marketing, & business questions along the way?


“I came to Carolyn looking for more 1:1 Facebook Ads support… Carolyn was always available for questions, her course is fantastic, I have it in my back pocket whenever I need it. Her coaching is impeccable and her same day feedback is unmatched. Thanks to working with Carolyn, this is my highest month EVER!

Thanks to working with Carolyn, this is my highest month EVER!

Client love!

Campaigns with Confidence


A 5-month, high-impact Facebook & Instagram Ads Coaching program for the Facebook Ads Managers & Strategists who are ready to run ads like an expert, make more money, gain massive clarity, and make a huge impact with their business. 

Ready to master Facebook ads and make bank?

- emily andrews

"Campaigns with Confidence Program has been a game-changer for me and my business! The Facebook Ads course, 1-on-1 coaching, and unlimited messaging access were invaluable. Working with Carolyn has provided me the confidence and knowledge to take my business to the next level. For Facebook Ads, this program has been the best one I've taken!"

Working with Carolyn has provided me the confidence

Client love!

With coaching calls every other week, email and Voxer support, lifetime access to trainings, & consistent one-on-one support and guidance for every question that comes up.

Pivot and price yourself competitively as an Ads strategist

Structure your business with a premium ads essence

Find the right Facebook ads clients (the ones who pay $$)

Scale, earn more income, and increase your impact

Take the guess work out of creating and running Facebook ads

Campaigns with Confidence is perfect for you if you're ready to...

- Madelene Ragno

“Through working with Carolyn I gained confidence to run successful ads and map out a process for myself. Her coaching allowed me to build my knowledge and grow my ability which allowed me to put myself out there on Instagram as an expert. By doing this I gained new clients and built up my business. For my clients it helped increase the success of their campaigns which resulted in better conversions and output. Carolyn’s hands-on approach is the best and she’s always available. Came across as more of a partner for your business than a teacher which was great. She gets people results and helps build their business.” 

I gained new clients and built up my business!

Client love!

One hour, bi-weekly coaching calls to help you find and land high-quality ads clients, troubleshoot existing ads, market your premium service & set you up for long-term success. 

1:1 facebook ads & business COACHING

This program includes VIP access to my very own scripts, workflows, ads examples & templates that you can refer back to at your convenience. Get step-by-step how-to’s for every aspect of your business. 


The Campaigns with Confidence 1:1 Facebook Ads coaching program includes access to my exclusive “Grow your Facebook Ads Business Course” + Market your Facebook Ads Biz Bundle, which is updated as ads continue to change! 


Here’s what you get in your High-Impact 1:1 Facebook Ads Coaching Program:

What's included?

Get access to our private Facebook community where you can connect with fellow ads managers and access our one hour/month group coaching calls, so you can ask your questions in a group setting and connect with friends in a more intimate way.

Group support

Want my eyes on something in your business? Ads you’re currently running? Your marketing strategy? Your workflows? Send them over to me and we’ll work together to get your processes and ads looking flawless. 


Unlimited Voxer access (M-F) access so we can stay focused on your goals, you can keep asking questions and we can continue moving the needle forward in between calls.


Oh hey there! Nice to meet you. I’m your soon-to-be Facebook & Instagram Ads Coach, AKA the coach you NEED in your life.

I help online service providers grow and scale their businesses with FB ads skills, all while working less & making more.

If you're wondering, why is she the right person to help me... Let me toot my own horn for a second…

1. I have almost 9 years of FB ads experience (in the ads world, that might as well be 29417247 years)

2. I've built a successful, thriving business for myself following the exact principles and strategies I'm teaching you 

3. My ads clients get incredible results (peep the reviews)

One of the biggest needs I've seen in our industry? Hands-on, high-level support for ads strategists and managers who are at the beginning stages of business! You need 1:1 support and personalized answers if you're ever going to scale your ads business & hit those $10k+ months!

That's why I created Campaigns with Confidence. To help you master the strategies and skills I used to go from freelancer to consistent $10k months as a business owner! 

Hey, I'm Carolyn

Meet the Creator of the Course

- Caroline Criste

“Any questions I had, Carolyn had an answer to, and she was able to articulate the answers in ways I can keep applying when running ads. She was straightforward and always had our best interest in mind. She was also available and did a great job of checking in on progress and updates. Because of our work with Carolyn, we could more confidently build out our Facebook Ads service offerings and retargeting strategies. When she says she's always available via Voxer, she means it! I had questions (big and small) and she always responded with in-depth and timely answers. Additionally, Carolyn was able to answer questions with straightforward advice. She told us exactly what she thought and what our options were, and she supported us through the decisions we made.”

When she says she's always available, she means it!

Client love!

You didn't have to rely on Google, YouTube, or some admin in a Facebook group, to answer your specific questions, but instead you had someone by your side, coaching you every step of the way? 

This is NOT a group program where you try to work the group calls into your schedule and rely on other people in the group to help you navigate this very involved skill set. 

I designed this program specifically for service providers to get ALL of the support they need for offering successful ads management to their clients.

Wouldn’t you love it if...

YES! Creating content for your business that speaks to your ideal client and positions you as the CEO expert you are is one of my favorite pieces of this coaching program. 

And we'll work through it each month together.

- amanda sexton

"Her responsiveness and knowledge - not only does Carolyn want our ads to succeed, she takes the time to answer our questions thoroughly and makes sure we have all the tools we need to make it happen. Yes without a doubt, working with Carolyn exceeded our expectations in the best way."

Carolyn exceeded our expectations!

Client love!

Do you have questions?

Let's answer them!

You do not need to have clients for this program already because we are going to work through finding clients together. If you do have clients it will just help us get started on running ads much quicker! 

I'm not accepting any more than 6 service providers.

Whenever you are ready!

The calls are 1 hour long every other week during our 5-months together. You are also getting full Voxer support, so if an ad issue arises (think client question, rejected ad, disabled account, etc.) we'll be able to chat on the spot.

This program is designed with YOU in mind. Your schedule. On our first call we will work together to set up a one hour window during our time together that work for you!

It's possible

But let me ask you, how much time have you spent Googling and YouTubing your ads questions when you could have spent that time ON your business, finding paying clients? How much have you invested in courses & group programs only to have more questions and not feel your specific needs were supported? How much more money could you earn if you had the 1:1 support you absolutely need with this skill?


Ya'll Carolyn is legit! Since joining her a few months back I have grown so much! I am more confident in my ability to run ads, audit ads, and troubleshoot ads. Without having Carolyn working through client strategies, email responses, etc. I would have been beat down and instead of gaining confidence I truly would have lost all my confidence. I have even landed my highest paying client while being a part of Carolyn's coaching!

I have landed my highest paying client while being a part of Carolyn's coaching

Client love!

Still have questions? Email me at carolynheefner@gmail.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

It can be your reality.

Finally get ANSWERS and the 1:1, high-level support and coaching you NEED to master Facebook ads!

Every business owner's dream, right?

Work less. Earn more. Make an impact.