Scale your Facebook Ads Business and

earn more than you ever thought possible.

Do you feel like you are:
Hustling to find new clients
Struggling to stay up to date with constant FB changes
Tired of trying to figure it out on your own
Over investing in things that don't help
Working more than ever
Neglecting your own marketing

There really is a better way...


What if you could...


know exactly how to operate your business... from running successful ads to marketing your offers like a pro


land dream four-figure clients effortlessly ... with breathing room to market your business & finally reach your income goals

What if you had a coach by your side who...
helped you grow your business, find the right clients, and answered your specific ads questions along the way?

get unstuck with direct answers to your questions... without wasting time looking for answers in a free Facebook group



Campaigns with Confidence

THE High-Impact 1:1 Facebook Ads Coaching program

A four-month, high-impact Facebook & Instagram Ads Coaching program for the Online Service Provider who is ready to run ads like an expert, make more money, gain massive clarity, and make a huge impact with their business. 

Ready to master Facebook ads and make bank?

"Campaigns with Confidence Program has been a game-changer for me and my business! The Facebook Ads course, 1-on-1 coaching, and unlimited messaging access were invaluable. Working with Carolyn has provided me the confidence and knowledge to take my business to the next level. For Facebook Ads, this program has been the best one I've taken!"

emily andrews

Campaigns with Confidence is perfect for you if you're ready to...

take the guesswork out of creating & running facebook ads

SCALE, earn MORE INCOME & increase your impact

find the right Facebook Ads Clients (the ones who pay $$$)

structure your business with a premium ads service


With coaching calls every other week, (M-F) email and Voxer support, lifetime access to trainings, & consistent one-on-one support and guidance for every question that comes up.

Why Choose THIS Program?

Because you want to...

Become a Facebook Ads expert, attract a higher ticket audience, & make a huge impact with your business!

Because you're tired of...

Investing in group programs and self-paced courses that don't address YOUR specific ads questions or needs.

Because you need to...

Get UNSTUCK – from your business, income, wrong clients, marketing, and ads. 

Because you're ready to...

Have the confidence and skills to say YES to more money and freedom!

I can't thank Carolyn enough for everything she has done for me! Her ads and social media marketing strategies have transformed my practice into something even bigger and better this year and I cannot thank her enough! I love working with her. Here's to 1 million more years of working together!

Amanda Grippo

What's Included?

Here’s what you get in your High-Impact 1:1 Facebook Ads Coaching Program:

lifetime access to high-level trainings

Trainings you can refer back to at your convenience. Get step-by-step how-to videos - because as any ad strategist can tell you - Facebook & Instagram are constantly changing. You'll always be up-to-date!

1:1 Coaching & voxer support

Two monthly (60-minute) 1:1 coaching calls to help you find high-quality ads clients, troubleshoot existing ads, market your premium service &  set you up for long-term success

ad audits & marketing plans

Feedback on client ads, your own marketing strategy, full support for finding clients, booking discovery calls and 8+ years of Social Media Marketing experience in your corner.

"Carolyn is knowledgeable, friendly, and is willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Her tactical guidance when it comes to Facebook advertising is extremely valuable to our marketing efforts and is something that will help continue to make our business grow for years to come!"

carly fernald

Meet the Creator of the Course

Hey, I'm Carolyn

Oh hey there! Nice to meet you. I’m your soon-to-be Facebook & Instagram Ads Coach, AKA the coach you NEED in your life.

I help online service providers scale their businesses with FB ads skills, all while working less & making more.

If you're wondering, why is she the right person to help me... I've got a few reasons for you:
1. I have 8+ years of FB ads experience (in the ads world, that might as well be 29417247 years)
2. I've built a successful, thriving business for myself following the exact principles and strategies I'm teaching you 
3. My ads clients get incredible results (peep the reviews)

One of the biggest needs I've seen in our industry? Hands-on, high-level support for ads strategists and managers who are at the beginning stages of business! You need 1:1 support and personalized answers if you're ever going to scale your ads business & hit those $10k+ months!

That's why I created Campaigns with Confidence. To help you master the strategies and skills I used to go from freelancer to consistent $10k months as a business owner! 

Here's the Month by Month Plan

Backend Basics, Campaign Set Up, Niche Discovery, Marketing Plan

We are going to hit the ground RUNNING in the first month. Let's get you set up and totally comfortable in Ads Manager. I'm going to walk you through the backend basics of Ads (yes iOS14+ updates included) and we're going to make sure your own account and your client's accounts are set up for success.

Once you're feeling set in Ads Manager, we'll focus on YOU. I'll help you streamline your product suite, packages, contracts, CRM's, workflows, niche, and marketing strategies so you can find more dream clients that pay you dream prices and ensure you're set up for continued success.


This plan is not set in stone. It is subject to change depending on YOUR specific needs!

Landing Clients, Creating Audiences, Ad Copy & Designs that Convert

You're going to head into month two with a comprehensive strategy for speaking to your ideal client and marketing to their needs. And once you've got a discovery call booked (thanks to your messaging and marketing!), we'll dive into how to close the deal and get those four-figure clients to sign on the dotted line.

On the ads end, we're going to blast through ad strategy for clients, creating the right audiences for your client's ads, designing ads that jump off the page, and writing ad copy that converts. This month is setting the foundation to help you make more money with less stress!


Launching Ad Campaigns, Testing Ads, & Recognizing Red Flags

Now that you have clients who are ready to run ads – let's ROCK and ROLL. We're working through setting up and launching ad campaigns for your clients that convert to cash. We're going to test your ads so you get comfortable with the metrics and troubleshooting.

In your own business, we're going to work together to recognize red flags. So many business owners want to run ads and make millions (of course!) but there are many clients that are truly NOT READY to run ads. We're going to cover this topic in detail, so you're not taking on clients that aren't a good fit. AKA saving you time and stress!


Troubleshooting, Reporting, Optimizing & More...

What happens if an ad isn't performing? Don't worry! In our final month together we're going to make sure you know exactly how to troubleshoot your clients' ads if they're not meeting expectations. You'll learn to create comprehensive reports to send to your clients so they are in the know with their ads. And we'll work on optimizing ads that are working well and ready to scale (that's where things get fun!).

Where are you still feeling uncertain or needing more guidance? This month is open – so we can focus on your specific needs and questions! Because custom help and support is what's going to help you achieve the success you dream of.


"Carolyn has been extremely helpful in organizing a strategic plan for my Facebook Ads business. She knows what works and is amazing at guiding you through the process. Her knowledge and years of experience with Facebook Ads are apparent. She really cares about you and your success. She's always reaching out to see in what way she can be supportive. I'm so thankful for her coaching and I'm excited to see how I grow with her amazing support!"

maranda yang
Wouldn’t you love it if...

You didn't have to rely on Google, YouTube, or some admin in a Facebook group, to answer your specific questions, but instead you had someone by your side, coaching you every step of the way? 

This is NOT a group program where you try to work the group calls into your schedule and rely on other people in the group to help you navigate this very involved skill set.

I designed this program specifically for service providers to get ALL of the support they need for offering successful ads management to their clients.

Sounds ideal, right? Let's make it happen!

Do you have some questions?

Let's answer them!


You do not need to have clients for this program already because we are going to work through finding clients together. If you do have clients it will just help us get started on running ads much quicker! 

how many people will be in the program?

I'm not accepting any more than 6 service providers.

will we cover creating content & marketing my business?

YES! Creating content for your business that speaks to your ideal client and positions you as the CEO expert you are is one of my favorite pieces of this coaching program.
And we'll work through it each month together.

when do we start?

The next iteration of this program starts in the spring of 2022.

Won't I Scale My ads Business if I Just Keep Going on my Own?

It's possible.
But let me ask you, how much time have you spent Googling and YouTubing your ads questions when you could have spent that time ON your business, finding paying clients? How much have you invested in courses & group programs only to have more questions and not feel your specific needs were supported?  How much more money could you earn if you had the 1:1 support you absolutely need with this skill?

what days/times are the calls?

This program is designed with YOU in mind. Your schedule. On our first call we will work together to set up a one hour window during our time together that work for you!

How long are the calls?

The calls are 1 hour long every other week during our 4-months together. You are also getting full Voxer support, so if an ad issue arises (think client question, rejected ad, disabled account, etc.) we'll be able to chat on the spot.

Work less. Earn more. Make an Impact.

Every business owner's dream, right?
It can be your reality.
Finally get ANSWERS and the 1:1, high-level support and coaching you NEED to master Facebook ads!

Still have questions? Email me at or shoot me a DM on Instagram!